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Emission Free Trumma Filter

The Trumma is a patented drum filter, developed and manufactured for greenhouse applications.


The starting point of the Trumma is to filter highly polluted water streams such as sand, potting soil and sludge.

'A rotten tomato is filtered in 1 piece'

100% Zero Emission Filtration

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Organic pollution is pressure-free filtered out of the water by the filter cloth. As a result, a rotting tomato, for example, is completely filtered out of the water. The same also applies, for example, to perlite and other soft solid contaminants. 



In the Trumma, solids and liquids are separated using the simple combination of rotation, filtration and gravity. A stainless steel (SS) cylinder with perforation is used for this purpose, which has a filter cloth on the inside. The Trumma is different from other filters because of its robustness, simplicity and flexibility. This guarantees maximum service life, optimum efficiency and low maintenance costs.


The heart of the Trumma consists of a cylinder with perforation that rotates in a stainless steel housing. The slow rotation keeps the product to be filtered (influent) moving. The liquid sinks through the FilterFlex cloth and the solids (dry waste) remain in the cylinder. Due to the rotation, the dry waste eventually rolls out of the cylinder like a sausage through a funnel. The filtered liquid (effluent) enters a collection tray at the bottom.


Trumma_nieuwe tekening werking.jpg

The Trumma filter is applicable for:


  • Crate washers

  • Cultivation with a lot of sand / potting soil

  • Potting soil processing

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Food processing

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